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I’ve been recently more and more playing with Oracle’s Cloud Marketplace solution for deploying WebLogic domains running on OCI’s Container Engine for Kubernetes (shortly called OKE). If you haven’t heard yet about this solution that spares you of manual installation of WebLogic on top of Kubernetes — and of many more!, check this blog post for a good introduction and starting point: Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE.

Translate multipart/form-data into multipart/mixed using Oracle Integration REST Adapter

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The other day it came to my attention that it’s not really straightforward to add attachments to an Oracle Process Instance using the REST API.

One reason for this is that it requires multipart/mixed media type for the request body message format, and producing this kind format is not so common for JavaScript clients. The JS clients are more used to working with multipart/form-data, the de-facto standard for form-based file upload in HTML.

One way of overcoming this is to use Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) between the JS client and Process REST API. OIC has a REST Technology Adapter that…

Bogdan Eremia

Technology Cloud Solution Engineer at Oracle

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